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Our mission is to improve the availability of high-quality, affordable childcare in the Moab area.

Our childcare centers:

We operate two state-licensed centers, one for infants/toddlers (3-30 months) and one for preschool-aged children (2.5-5 yr olds). We have put a lot of thought into creating a great daycare experience for families and their children. Both our childcare director and assistant center director have undergraduate degrees in Early Childhood Education. Our childcare director has a credential in childcare administration as well. We provide parents with intraday real-time updates and pictures of their child's activities through an app called Brightwheel. To help ensure quality, the ratio of kids to caregivers is 4 to 1 or better in our infant center and 7 to 1 or better in our center for preschool-aged kids. Both keep to an organized daily schedule. Our infant center playground is Nature Explore certified. We have groups of toys we sanitize and rotate each day. Kids do not watch TV. We incorporate fresh fruits and veggies in every meal, serve hormone-free organic milk, typically make meals from scratch, and minimize fried foods, juices and desserts. 

We are proud to partner with the Grace Lutheran Church of Moab and the Community Church of Moab who have both graciously donated space in their churches for our operations. We are so grateful for their generosity. 


Both our centers are open M-F 8:00a-5:30p. Our infant center serves children between 3-30 months old. It is located in the Lutheran Church, 360 W 400N.  Our center for preschool-aged children is located in the Community Church of Moab, 544 N Mivida Dr., right across from the HMK Elementary. Email us or give us a call at 435-355-0623 to speak with Nikki Wilson, our Director Childcare of Operations.

More about our non-profit's work:

In addition to operating our two daycare centers, we help other childcare providers in Moab as well. Specifically, we provide subsidized staffing support and other support to childcare providers to ensure their continued operation in our community, sustain and improve their quality of care, and where appropriate, help increase their capacity and/or hours of operation. One of our core beliefs is that making jobs in childcare more attractive, through competitive pay, benefits, flexibility and support will result in a greater availability of high-quality childcare. Read more about our work in our latest impact report

Who we are:

Our Board is made up of Rob Walker (Chair), Daniel McNeil (Vice Chair), Kate Niederehe (Treasurer), Audrey Graham, and Liberty Wickman. Our leadership team is made up of Rob Walker (Acting Executive Director), Nikki Wilson (Director of Childcare Operations), Rhi Rhodes (Assistant Center Director) and Ben Alter (Director of Development). In addition, we have a staff of approximately 15 caregivers.

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